Travelling Tradies


    The newest version of the Travelling Tradies App launches in July 2021. 

    We have created an epic system that allows you to:

    -> Complete jobs anytime

    -> Earn points for doing those jobs 

    -> Use those points to travel to our venues, anywhere, anytime, in Aus




    Our New App and model launches in July 2021. 

    We are looking for 50 Tradies to help us test it and give feedback prior to launch to market.

    We have some awesome tool giveaway packs from partners like Milwaukee, Knipex and Dahlsens for all Tradies that give us 30 minutes of their time to properly test the app and give us BRUTAL, HONEST, NO BULLSH#T FEEDBACK.

    We will also give you 250 points free to use on the platform when it goes live.

    Here's a sneaky peak at what it's going to look like.



    Please note that you will be applying to access the Latest Version of the Travelling Tradies App & Platform before its official release. 
    The sole purpose of this is to conduct testing and obtain feedback.

    This Phase is for a select group of Hosts and Tradies that understand we are in the crucial stages of fine tuning the platform before major release to market and agree to the following:
    • Be patient with the process and understand there may be bugs
    • Report any flaws, errors or imperfections discovered in the platform or materials
    • Understand all the aspects of being a TT Host or Tradie for this next phase and agree to the parameters set by TT including:
      • Types of jobs
      • Expectations
    • Understand that this is not the final version of the platform and accept that certain components of the platform may not be available until a later date
    • Understand we are looking for a set number of Tradies and Hosts and all will be required to pass a vetting stage managed by Admin to ensure we are a right fit for each other.
    • Understand we are trying to test everything in the platform from look, to flow, to functionality and all other aspects to collect valuable user feedback and iterate accordingly

    Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems on the BETA Platform, please let us know immediately so we can rectify these accordingly. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated. 



    Q: How does choosing a Host work?

    A: Please refer to the explainer video "Ways to Communicate with Hosts & Applying" showing how to select a Host. Please note that it is first in best dressed to apply for a Host and it is ultimately up to the Host to accept or reject your application. To enhance your chances of being accepted we recommend you beef out your Personal listing as much as possible.

    Q: If I am not Qualified can I partake in Travelling Tradies BETA?

    A:  For the BETA, we are primarily looking for qualified tradies and skilled labourers. We may consider apprentices however the legalities around insurance and liabilities may hinder this for this phase. Please submit your listing and through the verification process we will know if we are a right fir for each other at this stage.

    Q: What about tools?

    A: For all works completed Tradies will need to bring their own tools to complete all works. Travelling Tradies and the most hosts will not be providing 

    any tools at this stage.

    Q: What about materials for the jobs to be completed?


      Credit card details from all Hosts will be required prior to works commencing and will be held by Stripe for security. No money will be deducted without approval from the Host. The only exception to this is that after 7 days of the works by the Tradie having been completed and verified, if the Host has not approved the reimbursement for costs incurred by the Tradie, Travelling Tradies reserves the right to deduct the required amount, as validated by proof of purchase receipts. Travelling Tradies also reserves the right to charge the host's credit card for the costs of any materials involved  in completing the works (which will be reimbursed to Tradie), as well as a service fee which is equal to standard industry rates for comparable works (which will go to Travelling Tradies). 

    Q: How do you tackle issues around licensing, especially from State to State?

    A: For most jobs, like maintenance works, they don't require certifications, yet we need

    to assess that based on the jobs that are submitted by our Hosts. As the tasks in the BETA phase will all be approved by admin prior to becoming listed all tradies should be able to complete the tasks at hand with no major problems and licensing shouldn't be an issue. If licenses are required then only licensed Tradies may complete these works. For a clearer understanding of the type of jobs accepted in the BETA Phase, please refer to above. 

    Q: What about Insurances?

    A: We strongly recommend that you as a Tradie also have Personal Liability Insurance which will also protect you in the unlikely event of an incident. All of our Hosts are also encouraged to have their own appropriate insurances. For more information please read the Terms of Use and Disclaimers

    If you do not have personal liability insurance you may be personally liable for any damages caused as a result of your work. If this is the case it is imperative that you only complete jobs you are comfortable executing.

    If you do not have personal liability insurance you will also not be covered if injury is obtained to yourself or family/friends that are with you on exchange.

    As we are a small start up with a novel concept it has been difficult for us to obtain a full comprehensive insurance policy to cover both sides of our market (Tradies & Hosts). As we DO NOT yet have full blown insurance we ask you to accept and be patient with this and strongly recommend you take out your own insurances if you do not have it. Please know we are working around the clock to solve this.

    Please note that Travelling Tradies has no control over the conduct of Hosts and disclaims all liability. Failure of Hosts to satisfy their responsibilities will result in suspension of activity and removal from the Travelling Tradies Platform.

    We also strongly recommend ALL communication between Tradies and Hosts stays within the platform so that transparency and monitoring is able to be managed by Travelling Tradies. This ensures that in the unlikely event of an incident we can have the correct information to help resolve any issues that arise.

    Having said all this, please be aware that YOUR happiness is our goal. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right. Travelling Tradies strives to match you with the right Host for you every time. If you’re not satisfied with the Host, the accommodation or the exchange, let us know and we’ll work to make it right together.

    All claims needs to be raised within 48 hours of the assigned Tradie leaving the property.

    If appropriate, involvement from law enforcement will be called upon and all of our staff are granted authority and instructed to call them if they deem necessary during or after an emergency situation.

    Q: Can we bring others with us when we go to the properties?

      A: Most of the host properties in most places have more than 1 bed room. In such cases, the host will have specified in their listing if bringing others is accepted. We encourage Hosts to accept more than 1 other person to be allowed to come to the property with our tradie but ultimately it is up to their discretion. In most cases you can bring your family/mates, with you for the work exchanged by one tradie. Again this depends on the host and what they specify in their listing. 

      Q: Can we bring our pets with us?

      A: This will again differ form Host to Hosts. Once apply to a Host and accepted, if you are thinking of bringing any pets please liaise with your Hosts through the message functionality in the platform to get confirmation that you are allowed to being your pets.

    Q: What happens if I arrive and the works described is not what needs to be completed?
    A: If a Tradie arrives at a property and the jobs the hosts has created don't fit the criteria mentioned above the Tradie won't be able to complete the works. You as Tradie must contact admin and host to describe issues and a resolution can be achieved.

    If the Host does not fulfil their end of the exchange according to the agreed Terms and Conditions, inclusive of works being different from described, the host agrees to a minimum of 2 nights stay to the Tradie at their property.

    Q: What happens if I arrive at the property and can't get inside?

    A: If the Host does not fulfil their end of the exchange according to the agreed Terms and Conditions, Travelling Tradies reserves the right to charge the host's credit card for cost of Tradie expenses to get to the property as well as the cost of accommodation of 1 night set by Travelling Tradies plus a service fee of 25% of total expenses value.

    For anything that wasn't covered and if you still have questions, please send a message to 
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