What is Travelling Tradies?

We create long-term opportunities for skilled tradies

to travel affordably so they can have an epic adventure,

improve their health & well-being and become a global local.

We do this by introducing Tradies
to Hostels around the world

where they swap their skills
for food & accommodation.

It’s simpler than it sounds!

Tradies work 3 hours a day, and are given a warm bed and some grub in return.

How It Works

How to become a TT.jpg


(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What is expected of me as a Travelling Tradie?

A: The standard expectation is to use your skills 3 hours a day, but it is subject to negotiation between you and your host. Other expectations include being skilled, doing good work and not being an asshole.

Q: How do I know Travelling Tradies is not a scam?

A: We have various testimonials to validate who we are and we are also an Australian Registered Company. For more info check out our website.

Q: Where does Travelling Tradies operate?

A: We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Before the trip

Q: Can you arrange a visa for me?

A: No, but we do provide a step-by-step guide on how to get your visa.

Q: Something came up after I booked my dates with my host. What do I do?

A: Rescheduling is allowed, but please notify us in advance (at least 5 working days), so we can inform your host and sort things out.

Q: What happens if I cancel my trip or fail to show up?

A: You will be banned from Travelling Tradies. No money will be refunded for the membership. We take this very seriously to protect our hosts.

During The Trip

Q: How do I get support after leaving for my trip?

A: Fret not, as we are always contactable at adam@travellingtradies.com and via mobile (WhatsApp) which will be provided to you upon leaving for your trip. We also send support emails for tradies overseas.

Q: How can I extend my trip?

A: If you want to extend your trip, there may be a cash difference to be paid, but it depends on the membership tier you have signed up with. Let us know your thoughts at adam@travellingtradies.com and we will ensure to guide you in the best methods of being able to stay as long as you can.

Q: I feel really homesick, can I go home earlier?

A: You can go home whenever you want, you are in no contract to stay anywhere, this is your trip. However, if you have an agreement with your host, make sure you talk with them and ensure they understand your position before leaving. You don’t want to burn your bridges.

Profiles & Privacy

Q: What information can be seen about me?

A: Only whatever you provide to create your tradie profile.

Q: How do I edit the info in my profile After I’ve submitted i?

A: At the moment we are still in the midst of preparing the full platform. Let us know what you need changed by emailing adam@travellingtradies.com.

Q: Does Travelling Tradies track the activities of the users?

A: We only track whether you have left for your trip, whether the exchange is going well and whether you have arrived home safely. We will also be checking up regularly on you and your host to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Still unsure?

Contact us at adam@travellingtradies.com

we are happy to answer any questions to get you sorted out!