Welcome to my Tradie profile!

Aron Webb

Travelling Tradie since: 2018

Trade: Plumber

Experience: 10+ years


  • Plumbing 5/5

  • Painting - 3/5

  • Concreting - 3/5

  • Building/Carpentry - 3/5

  • Plastering - 2/5

  • Landscaping - 3/5

  • Most other hands-on jobs - 4/5

RATING: ★★★★★


I'm Aron Webb, born in Hastings New Zealand on 31st October 1989 and i have been a plumber since 2007.

All my life i have moved around alot, living in many different towns & cities of NZ and also Perth, Western Australia for a short time.

The one thing that motivates me the most in life is my burning desire to travel the world and see new and amazing things and along the way i will search for a way to live that doesn't involve the typical static lifestyle that many people become stuck in. So far i have visited most main cities of Australia and traveled through most of Europe and London.

Being an extremely independent person i do spend alot of time in my own company, but i do also enjoy socialising and getting to know people, i especially love a good conversation or debate with open minded people.

If i was to define my ultimate goal in life at the moment it would be to discover the fundamental truths behind the reality we perceive, all that we do or don't know and i feel like travel is a major part of that journey for me.

Why I want to travel

I am happiest when travelling, even when its just driving around my small country. I love going to places I've never been to before, and exploring


● Historical architecture ● Mountain biking ● Nature & wildlife
● Reading ● Camping ● Fishing ● Hiking ● Partying

Want to go

PERU → ● Machu Pichu ● Iquitos (Want to explore: Ayauhausca) ● Wilcahuain ● Huraz ● Huacachina