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We introduce Aussie & Kiwi Tradies to hostels around the world, where they swap their skills for food and accommodation.


Ever imagined living it up in exotic Brazil? How about travelling the world without breaking the bank?

With Travelling Tradies you swap your skills, a few hours a day, for accomodaion, food and more.


Step off site, catch a plane and start seeing the world.

Travelling Tradies takes the stress out of travel and gives you the opportunity to engage in new and exciting cultures.


Make friends for life in every corner of the world. Meet other tradies, locals and travellers through our community outreach.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, we pair qualified tradies up with reputable businesses around the world to create memorable experiences. You fix a tap, they give you a bed.

So If you want to explore the world for free by paying your travel bills with your skills, anywhere in the world, then register as a Travelling Tradie and we’ll keep you updated on everything thats happening.


Travelling Tradies fosters an honest space that helps people connect and escape the stresses and anxieties bought on by work. This is done through our pub meet-ups, online community and working holidays.

The suicide rate for men in our industry is roughly double the rest of the male working population. Similarly, a 2014 PriceWaterhouseCoopers report found one in four construction workers had experienced mental illness over a 12 month period.

Our platform exists to remove the mental illness stigma on site and help reduce these statistics.

“I was earning good money, but could never seem to fill the void inside myself. Always searching for something more I suffered severe depression and after 2 fellow tradies on job sites I was working on took their own lives in the space of a week. I spontaneously booked a one-way ticket to South America where I disappeared for nearly 3 years.”
- Adam Valastro, Founder + Tradie

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