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  • We  believe  that  flexible  working,  exchange  and  travel  enhances  people's  lives



We create long term opportunities for skilled Tradies to travel affordably so they can have an epic adventure, improve their health & well-being and become a global-local.

We do this by introducing Aussie Tradies to Hostels from around the world where they exchange their skills a few hours a day for food & accommodation.


“I was earning good money, but could never seem to fill the void inside myself. Always searching for something more I suffered severe depression and after two fellow tradies on job sites I was working on took their own lives in the space of a week, I spontaneously booked a one-way ticket to South America where I disappeared for nearly three years. In that time I travelled to 11 countries and spent less than $12,000 and that was through the ability to exchange my skills wherever I went. Upon returning home I realised many others wanted a way to explore the world "paying" with their skills, so Travelling Tradies was born!”

- Adam Valastro, Founder of Travelling Tradies & Qualified Plumber

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Flexible Working

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How  Can  You  Help  Us?

We need YOUR help to make our platform a REALITY, spread awareness and raise enough cash to build our tech.

Even if you are not a Tradie, we all know a Tradie. 

We are calling upon everyone to help us make this movement, build a community and a tribe that believes in a common cause. 

TOGETHER, we can make a difference to impact the ridiculous statistics of mental health and suicide here in OZ in a unique and novel way!


If this is something you believe in let’s do this TOGETHER, because we can’t do this alone. 


Our  Adventure  So  Far...

Here are some highlights

La Trobe Accelerator Program 2018 - Cohort 2

La  Trobe  Accelerator  Program 

MAY 2018
Accepted into the La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP), Travelling Tradies completed the 12 week intensive program to gather further market validation and knowledge to make Travelling Tradies come alive.
Brazil Bonanza Trip - Travelling Tradies Pilot Trip to Brazil

Brazil  Bonanza  

JUL - AUG 2018
Completed a pilot trip with three tradies and a videographer to capture the journey. The trip was done to create a visual representation for tradies, hosts and partners.
See all our adventures in the documentary we made of the trip.
Brazil Bonanza Documentary
Creative Cubes Pitch Competition 2018

Won  Creative  Cubes  Pitch  Competition

DEC 2018
Adam our founder won a pitch competition at co-working space Creative Cubes winning the team 12 months of free rent. This gave us the space so that the dream can continue to grow surrounded by like-minded people in business.
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Construction  workers  are  more  than  twice  as  likely  to  take  their  own  lives  than  other  people  in  Australia

(MATE in Construction and PrinceWaterhouseCoopers)

It's  Okay  To  Not  Be  Okay.

We want to remove the mental health stigma on work sites and enable conversation to happen 

Travelling Tradies fosters an honest space that helps people connect and escape the stresses and anxieties bought on by work. This is done through building a community of tradies here in Oz, meetups and our ability to enable our Tradies to travel the world.

If you or a loved one needs help please reach out

Beyond Blue, Mens Line Australia
Lifeline, Black Dog Institute

Our  Partners

Travel Insurance Direct
La Trobe University
TradeMutt Australia
Lady Tradies


Sen 1116
Creative Cubes

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